The Beauty of Tourmalines

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Tourmaline seems to be a stone which is evergreen, beautifully accenting and adding value to any jewelry line/collection. Available in shades of blue, green, bi-color, red, pink, and 'watermelon,' tourmaline is an often chosen favorite of our clientele.

The name Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese world "Tura-Mali," meaning stone of multiple colors and is the birthstone of October. D S GEMS sources its Tourmaline from the beautiful countries of Brazil and Madagascar, some of the largest global Tourmaline suppliers. Tourmaline is known to have many positive effects on its wearer, including filling their life with joy, happiness, and love. 

At D S GEMS, we recommend gorgeously Included Vivid Pink Tourmaline, Eye Clean Green Tourmaline (Pantone Color of the Year), and Gorgeous Watermelon Tourmaline. Our vertical integration and rough-to-retail approach, gives us large reserves of rough material in the above colors, with the ability to custom cut to our client's specific needs. We recommend rose cut matched pair slices and rose cut cabochons. 

Inquire about Tourmaline Rough, Cut Stones, or manufactured Tourmaline jewelry in 18k Gold and Silver today. 

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