All Semiprecious and Precious Stones

D S Gems has thrived in its market through differentiation from every other business in the industry. Most other storehouses only supply standard sizes in popular semiprecious and precious stones in their inventory. We on the other hand, source the rough material in over 75+ colors of semiprecious, and have standard sizing, as well as custom sizing and cutting for our clientele.



  • Checkerboard Faceted
  • Hammer Faceted
  • Rose Cut Faceted
  • Slices
  • Rose Cut Slices
  • Doublets
  • Unique Shapes
  • Carved Gemstone


By procuring the rough material directly from miners across the globe, D S Gems is able to have hands on control of the supply chain to ensure the best price and quality of stones manufactured for our customers cut to bezel specifications. 


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