Direct Control. From Rough-to-Retail.

Unparalleled Expertise In every aspect.

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Sourcing Our Rough

We start by unearthing the finest rough material, ethically sourced from every corner of the world, in over seventy-five colors of semiprecious and precious stones.




Custom and Standard Stone Cutting

We then cut and polish that rough to perfection. From standard to custom sizing,    D S Gems has the ability to serve a multitude of clients, from family retailers to major designer brands. 



Private Label Jewelry MANUFACTURING

Finally, for our jewelry clients, ranging from private clients to Designer brands, we cast beautiful precious metal and set stones with exceptional care and attention, to ensure a beautiful, consistent and reliable product. 

It all begins with understanding the customer. Then delivering value to that customer as efficiently as possible. That is how we build relationships and earn trust.
— Dhanesh Shah, Chairman