It all begins with understanding the customer.
— Dhanesh Shah, Managing Director, Chairman, and Founder

D S Gems Inc. was founded in 2000 as a colored stone supply company on the basis of providing jewelry designers and global manufacturers with products best suited to their needs. 16 years later, D S Gems is a well respected and ever-evolving company that has heavily expanded its scale of business, and broadened its clientele, adding value to the gem and jewelry market.

With a vast knowledge of precious and semiprecious colored stones, D S Gems understands the variation and complexity associated with colored stones, and works with relentless focus and dedication to bring customers the right products at the right price.

With Dhanesh Shah at the helm of the company, with over 25 years in the gem and jewelry industry, D S Gems aims to grow faster and larger in its market, serving an increasing number of jewelry designers across America with colored stones in standard and custom sizes, along with finished jewelry in gold and silver.