Quality Assurance

Return Policy

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Meticulous Attention to Detail

All of D S Gems products are quality controlled through every step of the process, from our rough to our finished pieces of jewelry. With control in all aspects of the supply chain, we ensure that our customers are getting the very best quality of products.

  1. We firstly analyze the rough we procure, ensuring that the yield and products we cut from the rough stone can cater to many customer tastes and preferences.
  2. We then make sure that we cut to exact consumer specifications in our factory, for those designers who place custom orders, allowing each piece to fit perfectly into its setting of gold or silver.
  3. Finally, we QC all loose stone orders and finished jewelry out of our Quality Control department in New Jersey to give all products shipped out the D S seal of approval before they reach our customers. 

Hassle Free Returns

Other than custom carved/sized orders, any standard order that has is unsatisfactory to our clients can be returned, and we will replace the order hassle free. We work to ensure that we delight every one of our customers through the goods we manufacture.